Year 12 student, Christy Azzi was honoured to be the Recipient of the Archbishop of Sydney’s Award for Student Excellence. She will receive her award in September.

The Award for Student Excellence recognises those young people who give witness to their Christian values and actively contribute to the faith life of the school, Catholic parish and the wider Church community. It is presented to one Year 12 student in every secondary college in the Archdiocese of Sydney.

Christy’s citation:

Christy Azzi is an active member in the Parish of St Joseph’s, Belmore. Christy is part of the choir, participates in Eucharist Adoration and prepares food for the parish initiated Night Patrol, also volunteering for Catholic Care disability services.

She is also a member of Prayer and Picnic at the College on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Christy always volunteers for reading or assisting with liturgies and Masses at the College. She has a very generous nature that extends not only to social outreach but in her treatment of others on a daily basis. She sees her work and time for the Church as a way of life. Christy is proud of her contribution to the College and her parish.

Recipient of the Archbishop of Sydney’s Award for Student Excellence: Christy Azzi from Southern Cross Catholic College, Burwood