The Performing Arts facilities are located within the Southern Cross College’s O’Grady Centre.
These include:
Southern Cross Catholic Vocational College Facilities Auditorium


The auditorium offers a flexible performance space designed to industry standards where patrons may be seated in cabaret or tiered theatre style. The recording studio and the green screen room are interconnected with the auditorium to allow for professional recording of productions.

Music and Piano practice rooms

The college has soundproof music rooms. These rooms include a large range of musical instruments including mixing equipment, soundboard and microphones. This provides an ideal space for musicians and singers to practice.

Dance Studio

The performance workshop is where dance and drama students develop their skills. This facility is equipped with sprung flooring, floor to ceiling mirrors, balance bars, noise reducing curtains and audio equipment.

Recording Studio and Control Room

The studio consists of two interconnected spaces, acoustically isolated by floating floors and walls. The larger space can accommodate a band of eight, and is used for large section recordings for musical or choir ensembles. The control room is in the centre surrounded by large windows into the studio and the vocal/isolation booth. Along with a surround sound system and monitors, the control room also features tie lines into the auditorium for recordings of larger orchestra and ensemble recordings.

Green Screen Room

Our green screen studio is a purpose built professional room fully equipped with monitors and television lighting. Shooting with a green screen for video and photographic work allows for virtually unlimited creativity options in the post-production process. This room also functions as a practice room for music and drama students.

Drama Room

This Drama room is equipped with sprung flooring, floor to ceiling mirrors on three sides, balance bars, noise reducing curtains and audio/video equipment. The room is also connected to the Auditorium via video intercom system.